Andrea Brooks
CEO and Founder, Sava

Sava is a digital platform that provides e-commerce solutions for curated, high-quality cannabis goods to consumers throughout the Bay Area. Since founding Sava in 2015, Andrea has applied her expertise in conducting needs assessments, developing strategic partnerships and creating new revenue sources for the Company. Under her stewardship, Sava has grown from 1 to 35 employees, expanded its product offering to more than 50 brands and 500 SKUs, and experienced 10X growth in revenue.

Prior to Sava, Andrea served as a Principal at Brooks Consulting and has consulted with NGO’s around the world including Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Tanzania, Nigeria and San Francisco. She is a Co-Founder of WEmpowered, a business community for female leaders in the cannabis industry, and a former recipient of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission’s Fair Housing Award for developing new programming in the fields of fair housing and reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities. Andrea has served as Vice-Chair on two separate San Francisco governmental advisory bodies, including the Commission for Animal Control and Welfare.