Earthdance London

Vision 2020 Co-Manifestival

September 19, 2020

Room 1 – Star Temple

Room 2 – Earth Temple

Earthdance Vision 2020 Co-Manifestival

ED London donations support The Trussell Trust.

Earthdance London 2020 Online Edition

5 pm London time Saturday, September 19
goes until
2 am on Sunday, September 20

A co-creation between Earthdance London and Anthropos Festival – bringing you a day of beautiful energies and music, from downtempo to psychedelic trance, plus workshops and meditations to nourish your heart and spirit.

Earthdance Global has been connecting dance floors, hearts and intentions all over the world since 1997, and we are proud to still be going strong. At 12am Midnight UK time all Earthdance events around the world will synchronise with the powerful Global Prayer for Peace moment.

Harnessing the immense power of our synchronised intention, this is a powerful and magical moment, and it’s effects can be felt! Each and every person matters and makes a difference, so we really hope you can join us and add your magic and energy to global field!

Featuring local and international artists

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 ROOM 1 Hosted by Earthdance London
A journey from Root to Crown Chakra through downtempo beats to Psychedelic Trance

Hosted by Anthropos Festival
Nourishing downtempo vibes and workshops
Featuring very special guest Gaudi plus
  • Ekorce
  • Amaluna
  • Owl


Gaudi’s innovative approach to live performance and versatility as a producer has kept him at the forefront of his field throughout a notable and prolific career. His music is stylistically hard to pin down as he is an artist in constant evolution. His musical exploration, over the last 30 years in the industry, has however seen him foray into punk, new wave, dub and reggae, world, experimental electronica and ‘stuff that rocks dancefloors’.. he has however got deep roots, which run like a vein throughout his music, and they are in the big basslines and spacious soundscapes of dub and the anarchic sonic potential of the world of electronic music… where anything’s possible.

A full time internationally touring solo artist, a studio producer in demand and a respected musical innovator. He’s had chart hits, gold discs and awards & nominations for his work; he has released 14 solo albums, more than 250 productions and 110 remixes to his name and his tracks feature on more than 120 compilations… There is however no resting on laurels for this London-based, international bass man.

For Gaudi’s full biography, discography, audio, video and more check out his website and Wikipedia entry.


DJ Shakti

Invoking Goddess energy, Shakti has come whirling into the psytrance scene like a crystal storm from out the blue.

The Goa Trance DJ is a Tantric Womb Priestess, Energy worker, Sacred Space Activator, and Alchemical Dance Priestess, who weaves her magic and skills through her mixes and sets.

Shakti is also the creatrix behind the new wave of current Earthdance London events, and a proud label DJ for Suntrip Records.

Shakti by name, Shakti by nature – all her creations and DJ sets are flowing with the living luminous flow of the Goddess – Kundalini Shakti.
Shakti’s deep and passionate love for Goa Trance can be clearly seen and felt. Whilst playing the music she loves, she is known for her dancing as the music takes her and the shakti energy starts flowing!

Her DJ performances are mystical and enchanting, wowing the crowds with driving melodic cosmic Goa Trance sounds, taking them into the stars and beyond!

Her sound journeys flow with mystical light and shakti, and will take you as deep and high as you allow yourself to go.

Shakti has fast built a reputation for being a unique DJ and performer- dazzling crowds with her cosmic sound journeys and embodied transmissions, and deep feeling of the music. This in turn has earned her some incredible opportunities. Here are just some of those highlights and moments:

  • August 2014 – Shakti proudly played the opening set for the legendary Return to the Source 21st Anniversary in London UK, warming up for Medicine Drum, and playing alongside legends such as Man with No Name, Tsuyoshi Suzuki.
  • September 2014 – Playing an epic closing set for Earthdance London following 1200 Mics and GMS, keeping the crowd engaged and on the dance floor right until the very end of the night!
  • August 2016 – following Hilight Tribe on the Psychedelic Forest stage at Boomtown on Sunday morning.
  • November 2016 – Supporting Ace Ventura, Astrix in London.
  • June 2019 – Opening the main stage on Sunday with a Shamanic Bliss deep Goa Trance journey for Anthropos Festival.

This year Shakti played an epic 3 hour set @ Odyssee – Berlin at 1am NYE.

Crowds love her energy, and how deeply she feels the music she is playing, and most importantly- her track selection!

Shakti knows she is here as an emissary of the light, of the Goddess and of the heart. She is here to keep the vibrations high, the softness flowing in the world, and to be a flame of light wherever she goes.

Shakti will take you into the Cosmic Heart of the Universe, whilst reminding you that you already have the key to this door- all the power and knowledge and magic already lives within YOU! You are the key.

Shakti loves playing deep melodic uplifting day time sets, and heavier full power night time cosmic journeys that take you into the stars and beyond! A luminous and passionate soul, she has the ability to send ripples of light through the dance floor and make magic happen wherever she goes.



Ekorce is the psychedelic music project of the French producer Kyrian Nicolay-Kritter, oscillating betwen Psybass, Psydub and Psychill. Combining deep emotional bass and powerful rythms with world sounds, Ekorce creates his unique downtempo music infused in a psychedelic universe.

Kyrian commenced piano at the age of 6 and drums at the age of 11. Interested in all kinds of music, he first made electronic music in high school. Whilst at university studying neurosciences he continued making music and produced a few tracks. Inspired by psychedelic music for many years, he launched the project Ekorce in 2014. The name is derived from the French word “écorce” emphasising the organic and raw aspects of his music.

In 2016 his first EP “Biosphere” was released on Pistolero Recordings and in 2017, his second EP “Genetic Poetry” was released on SoundRising Records. At the end of 2017, he joined the webinars from Audio Alchemy lead by Hedflux and Opulence and he contributed to the first Audio Alchemy Compilation with his track “Natural Selection”. He joined Merkaba Music in 2018 with his 3rd EP “Dualism Waltz” and he contributed to the 100th Merkaba Compilation released in early 2019 with his track “Roots Of Harmony”.

Over the past year, he played at several gigs including Hadra Trance Festival (in France) and Desert Bass Festival (in Israel). He released his first 7 tracks album “Endless Flow” on Merkaba Music in January 2020.