Earthdance RadioCave

Vision 2020 Co-Manifestival

September 19, 2020

Earthdance Vision 2020 Co-Manifestival

ED RadioCave donations support the Epilepsy Association of Central Florida. You may find tip jar buttons on the artists’ RadioCave profile pages.

1:30 pm US East Coast time Saturday, September 19
goes until
2 am on Sunday, September 20.

Lightworker Collective
Lightworker Collective

RadioCave is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting special needs causes, with a starting focus on epilepsy, autism and T.B.I. The foundation supports arts and entertainment by creating various communities to broadcast live through the foundation , including internet radio, Facebook, YouTube and more.

“Our virtual events support official charity organizations, and our goals are to bring music, art and poetry to special needs individuals and communities around the world. We support one another and help others rise by being pillars of support and beacons of light, as we are all shining starts”.

This year, Earthdance RadioCave will create a music lineup including DJs from their affiliated communities such as the SBC musicians collective – a community built around the core of Peace, Love, Unity & Respect, and the Lightworkers Musicians Tribe – “ready to create an unshakeable knowingness that their eternal soul’s purpose is more powerful than any third dimensional circumstance that ever comes their way”.

Second Set

Colleen McMillian

Ananga Martin’s music is reflective of her journey from a young girl in the orange groves and mountains of Southern California, to the soft, lush hills of West Virginia.  Her songs are born from her connection to Mother Nature, both within and without.  

She loves to explore the landscape of the heart, dreams, and the sacredness of walking the human path on this Earth.  


Colleen McMillian

Jason Brown performs a bi-weekly event with the RadioCave Foundation. He plays music in the spirit of joy and celebration, and believes strongly in the power of music to connect people to each other and their deeper selves.

He is a long time member of the Lightworker Musicians Tribe and works w/ Emily on various Tribe projects and interactions.

Emily Potter is a folk medicine musician and the director of the Lightworker Musicians Tribe.  She is most fulfilled when she is empowering her tribe and her audiences to take leaps of faith in order to fulfill their soul’s purpose. 

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Emily Potter noticed that she limited herself in dreaming big because of limitations around money.  On April 17, 2015 she began a worldwide experiment as the “gift economy” musician, publicly taking a stand that the whole world is her family, and that money can be experienced as a free-flowing resource available for her life dreams to be pursued. Passionate about supporting people in living their biggest life dreams, Emily takes her audiences through a Dream Walk Concert, providing her original music and storytelling from worldwide adventures as the soundtrack of the performance.  

A Dream Walk Concert is a combination of ceremony, acoustic folk/blues music and vulnerable storytelling, offered within the cutting-edge revolution of an alternative gift economics model. Emily has been traveling internationally since May 2015 offering her music and concerts as a gift of her heart.  Emily has performed for audiences in 14 countries including the United States, Canada, Israel, Thailand, Russia, and all across Europe.

Emily Potter now offers mentorship and resources to her Lightworker Musician Tribe who are ready to create an unshakeable knowingness that their eternal soul’s purpose is more powerful than any third dimensional circumstance that ever comes their way.

Colleen McMillian

Lucie Lynch is a Singer-Songwriter with an angelic voice and wicked sense of humor. Lucie weaves original music with colorful tales from her life’s adventures. In Germany she studied theater and musical at the Schauspielstudio (University of Performing Arts) in Hamburg, Germany. 

Lucie wrote, produced & performed the one-woman musical called ‘Gabrielle’s Universe’ (the story of a neurotic secretary who marries her typewriter in search of true love) for several years throughout Germany, before living as a Traveling poet out of her backpack while traveling the world.

Lucie has opened for international cult band ‘Marillion’, is a regular at the Yogarden Music Festival on Oahu, and plays music with many of Hawaii’s most talented musicians.

Influenced by Joni Mitchell, Ben Harper, and Joan Baez, Lucie takes her audiences on a journey through a world filled with wry observation, laughter, and beautiful music. 

The RadioCave Foundation is proud to bring you her splendid performances each week.


Colleen McMillian
Changing the face of the “Colorado Sound,” Mad Dog Blues is a high-energy, acoustic blues jam band. The band is Mad Dog Friedman on harmonica (founder of Papa Juke, Mojo Medicine Show, Blue Lightning & Harmonica Loowinski), Jeff Becker (Hippy Buckaroos) on mandolin, Clark Chanslor (White Water Ramble) on stand-up bass,Sean Bennight on acoustic guitar and Mark Kaczorowski (Blues on the Lamb) on acoustic guitar. Our original “Colorado Country Blues” sound is a unique fusion of delta blues, bluegrass, honky-tonk, hokum and acoustic jam music.
Colleen McMillian
Aurashine (Laura Sorenson) is a collaboration of two kindred spirits exploring the magical musical imaginations of one another as they embark together on mystical journeys through ethereal dimensions of soundscape they create together a new world of music with their love and light.
Colleen McMillian

Joy Smiles – This light hearted artist & painter is an up and coming star in the scene and is here to bring her artistic skills to your living room once a week on Sundays at noon on RadioCave.

Come join us for an hour of witty laughter, friendly smiles, and interaction with a wonderful soul that will be sure to bring a smile across your face.  Her art is always for sale and she is available for commission work.  

Colleen McMillian

Colleen McMillian is a musician and creative medicine woman, and the owner of Texas Pine Music (BMI). Through partnership with the spirits of music and the sacred plants of the earth, it is her mission to help uplift and potentiate the spiritual evolution of all beings through connecting people to their inner child and the playfulness of their unique creative voice. 

During her performances, attendees are invited to explore the ways in which they can find healing through connecting to their inner child and the playfulness of their unique creative voice. 

These musical empowerment ceremonies remind each person of their individual power to heal themselves and inspire others, creating a ripple effect of creative fulfillment and healing throughout the world. 

All livestreams around the world come together on Earthdance.TV for the Synchronized Prayer for Peace

4 pm California time

7 pm Florida time

Midnight London time

Colleen McMillian
Jason DominikAudio DiPatri is a Bay Area raised breaks and house DJ who has been spinning for over 20 years. Influences include Luke Skywalker (2LiveCrew), Mac Dre, NWA, Too $hort, Stanton Warriors, Diamond D, DJ Premier, Alchemist, Hieroglyphics, DJ Icey, QBert, Bad Boy Bill and many, many more
Colleen McMillian

Amber Leigh Melby Hailing from Oakland, California, Amber Leigh is a master behind the decks. Seamlessly blending house, trance, techno, dnb and even BREAKS, her years of experience has given her a unique insight into the music world. A champion of the underground, she can always be trusted to take you on a wild ride. Don’t miss out!”

Colleen McMillian

Jesta says, “I played flute in my high school band, then took up bass guitar when I was 17.  Started learning to DJ in 2002.  DJ’d in clubs in a regional Victorian city called Bendigo.  Loved Sash, Max Graham, Scooter, Armand van Helden.  Then found Kosheen and Freestyles.  Moved to Melbourne, got introduced to Break beat in 2005 by DJ Marty B through his NSBradio show.  

“He encouraged me to get my own show. Late 2005 bought a turntable pack and started the court sessions on vinyl.  2010 supported the Stanton Warriors in Melbourne.  2015 help organise a festival of friends female edition in conjunction with the MTG.  

“Played at multiple house parties and sporting club events also.  Member of SBC   Asked to do the unisex sessions for Linda B and this was Nominated for a BBS award with fellow SBC legend. “

From Nic, Owner of RadioCave:

“Now an integral part & first female member of The Smoke Break Crew & proud member of The RadioCave Foundation, be sure to checkout her mixes out online and right here on the website soon to come!”

Colleen McMillian

DJ Bill Kelly is Mix Meister! and works as an On-Air peronality at Shake 94FM and

DJ Tokz

DJ Tokz is Timothy Penfold Schmidt (formerly DJ Toax)

He got his start in 1993 in Santa Barbara, California, and was introduced to DJ Yoshi and the Justice League. From the mid to late 90’s he teamed up with DJ’s Nukie, Chryptic, Vinnie and Yoshi to create Beatnix Labs subsonic record label. In full swing, they were residents at 4-5 different clubs a week including Wildcat, Chameleon, Zelo and ??? 

Being in places at key times, performing with fishing weights taped to his stylus he was just scratching it up! After a severe back injury in 2013, followed by spine reconstruction, “At that point I sell all my gear to pay bills figuring I’d never mix again…taking us to mid-2017, where I start to remember who I am or was or wanted to be ???”

Smoke Break With DJ Tokz started in August 2017 and has been a platform along with other shows, The Variety Mixed Up Show, 2 Steps Ahead, Smoke Break from Coast2Coast, Alone Sessions, The Electronic Healing Infusion Shows and now Smoke Break at night. Launching dozens of careers and beats that need to be heard!

“My main goal…to have fun!”