Solstice Co-Manifestival Team

Earthdance.TV is part of Earthdance Global LLC (EDG). Our team includes music, video and technology industry professionals who have supported the development of conscious music artists and festivals worldwide through the use of digital tools for over 25 years.

Now in its 24th year, our nonprofit Earthdance International (EDI) coordinates the annual multi-location “Global Dance Party for Peace” that benefits local peace, social justice and environmental causes in alignment with the International Day of Peace each September.

Team members who participated in the June 21 “Co-Manifestival” launch event include:

Executive Producers, Earthdance Global LLC

  • Sandra Hay
  • Matt Marshall
  • Reavis Daniel Moore

Event Producers

  • Michael Gosney, producer, Medicine Wheel stage
  • Will Grinnell, producer, Solstice Stage


  • Frank Schwartz, event co-producer and technical director (AKA DJ Feral)
  • Kitty Wells, Co-producer, Medicine Wheel Stage and promotions director
  • Andy Fusso, EDG/EDI financial management, EDTV website and production intern


  • Taryn Kama, social media director
  • Liam Grinnell, web director
  • Landon Elmore, graphic design
  • Emanuel Cron, OBS technical support

Awake TV

  • Amanda Masters, AwakeTV founder
  • Bree Houk, AwakeTV technical director