Medicine Wheel Speakers – Earthdance Co-Manifestival June 21, 2020

In the face of climate change, environmental destruction, growing toxicity, new and chronic disease and social turmoil, cultivating and maintaining health has never been so challenging. How can we nourish ourselves to stay healthy, be stronger and stay on point with our work building a better world?

Our relationship to Mother Earth holds the key. Working with soil and seed, we attend our body and soul. Join us to learn foundational philosophies, knowledge and skills that lead us to a desirable and regenerative world, living in harmony with the systems and cycles of nature. Reconnect with our deep primal ancestry in the web of life. Discover innovative models for creating abundance and self-sufficiency within our local communities. Take charge – participate in personal and planetary health by growing your own food and medicine.

Kitty Wells, Co-founder & Formulator, Spice Pharm – moderator

Kelly Dunn & Josh Sarvis, Founders Dragonfly Earth Medicine

Téana David, Co-founder of Wise Planet Media

Jenny Pell, Founder, Ohana Gardens