Medicine Wheel Speakers – Earthdance Co-Manifestival June 21, 2020

The incomprehensible murder of George Floyd and so many others before him is the direct result of a country built on colonization, genocide, and slavery. Less prominent in the media, but stemming from the same broken structure that allows innocent people to be targeted and killed, is the violence that manifests as environmental racism.

In this panel discussion, we’ll ask the questions: what is environmental racism and how can we put an end to it? We’ll hear personal stories from our speakers who live and work at the frontlines of this issue, unpack racial discrimination in environmental policymaking, open our eyes to the deliberate targeting of black and brown communities for toxic and extractive operations, and explore strategies to shift this shameful reality toward a just and equitable society for all.

Téana David – Co-founder of Wise Planet Media – moderator

Leila Salazar-López – Executive Director of Amazon Watch

Erica Ford – CEO of Life Camp

Melina Laboucan-Massimo – Campaign Director at Indigenous Climate Action